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Leveraging Digital Transformation Techniques to become a successful E-commerce platform!

July 20, 2023

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Digital transformation is the new era we are living in! 90% of companies have already initiated their digital strategies to reserve their seats in the digital world. Digital transformation requires energy, creativity, strategy, and innovations to stand out against the competition.

While the technicalities of digital transformation can be done easily, strategy is the key to the success of this journey.

Discovering our client’s journey

Our client started in 2015, with an entrepreneurial mentality to reshape the furniture industry by offering modern kitchen designs. After establishing an excellent reputation, they decided to move forward with the idea in 2018 by providing everything related to kitchen preparations, including furniture and gadgets.

Their main objective was to offer their customers a unique consolidated experience for their kitchen needs online. They started building a professional, cost-effective e-commerce platform covering all kitchen-related aspects. Moreover, the idea was strengthened through direct collaborations between the platform, brands, and authorized resellers, followed by significant customer experiences.

The Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic imposed severe challenges for businesses across different industries. Some businesses ceased to exist and had to shut down their business. This was due to many reasons, consumers were afraid to make big purchase decisions, shop rents were high, and everyone was fearful of personal contact

The Solution

#Transfer to E-commerce

Although many businesses failed, others flourished as they were agile enough to transform and achieve remarkable results and growth digitally. As our client’s digital consultant, F360 suggested moving the business to become an online store and investing in building an e-commerce platform.

The journey started by creating an SEO-friendly platform with an authorized payment gateway solution integrated. Moving forward, we started connecting the platform to various performance measurement tools to keep tracking performance and analyzing the platform’s current status. 

We leverage our experience building e-commerce websites to develop a robust e-commerce website using multiple plugins and tools for maximum performance optimization. Moreover, our partnership with Amazon Cloud Services gave us an extra secure and speedy hosting experience. 

#Performance Management

Our performance management team worked hand in hand with the development team, implementing innovative tools from the early stages to track customer behaviors. This helped us improve the website UX to appeal to the target customer, eventually increasing the customer base.

Our media buying experts developed a strong media buying strategy to boost revenues and grow brand awareness. The campaign included different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to strengthen the brand’s existence and show continuous growth to the customer. Simultaneously, the digital marketing team worked on increasing the organic reach through multiple SEO techniques; we ensured our client gained a recognized market share among competitors.

Growth was tremendous! Our monthly reporting system helped visualize the brand’s journey and showed exceptional conversion rates! We used the reports to keep improving and gaining insights into the process.

Our Client in Numbers

  • The starting capital of our client was 180,000 EGP and recycled 20 times in 12 Months
  • Our client has retrieved + 237% in ROI in 12 months. (April 2020-March 2021) with total profits of 606,988 EGP.
  • The platform ranked in the top 5 agencies for all its suppliers in minimum time.
  • Our client is now trading with 7 suppliers in Egypt with a total of 149 different items.
  • The store has served over 2000 paying customers in the past 12 months. (April 2020-March 2021) with an average order value of 1800 EGP.
  • April 2021 – March 2022 Revenue 5.4 Million EGP + 66% Increase in Revenue.

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